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The Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a decentralized distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. The information on a blockchain can’t be changed by its inherent design, making it a legitimate disruptor in industries like payment, network security, medical care and many more verticals.

Our platform will guide you on what blockchain is and how it is implemented to increase your understanding of the technology and how it can bring value to your business.

Digital Stability

Each node has a full record of all data that has been stored on the blockchain since its inception.

Encrypted & Secure

The usage of strong cryptography prevents sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

Digital Key Structure

Digital keys make all information secured, readable, and processed only by the intended audience.


Decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group thereof) to a distributed network.

Peer to Peer

A proven methodology that allows all Data to be transferred and shared worldwide without the need of any intermediaries.

Secure Transactions

Blockchain users have their own private keys that are uniquely assigned to the transactions they make and act as a personal digital signature across the entire global nodes of the blockchain.

How Blockchain Works

A blockchain system consists of a number of nodes, each of which has a local copy of a ledger. In most systems, the nodes belong to different organizations. The nodes communicate with each other in order to gain agreement on the contents of the ledger and do not require a central authority to coordinate and validate transactions.

A transaction is requested
A block that represents the transaction is created
A block is sent to every node in the network
The Node validates the transaction
The Node receives a reward for the proof of work
The Block is added to the existing blockchain
The Transaction is complete
Blockchain Value Proposition

Blockchain is a globally distributed technology that can immutably represent ownership and transfer the value or property related to it without an intermediary. This allows transactions to operate autonomously using programming functions called smart contracts, which rely on cryptography to perform/verify their purpose with an unprecedented level of security.

"Key Benefits of Blockchain Technology"

Data entered in the blockchain cannot be modified and once it is recorded, it becomes impossible to manipulate, replace, or falsify.


Track records of each manufacturing stage from origin and setup of a cooperative network between customer and manufacturer for product sustainability assurance.


All records are individually encrypted and use multiple nodes to complete and authenticate the transaction.


Asymmetric cryptography helps with securing the transactions, it has unique public and private keys that include strings of numbers to access the data.


Interoperability allows seamless communication and data sharing across various blockchain systems without any third party and or intermediaries.


Blockchain to blockchain transactions do not require any third-party verification, this reduces the cost for 3rd party services and those respective charges.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has gained major visibility and has gradually attracted the attention of companies of all sizes all over the world. Many business owners are now considering blockchain technology as an easier way to conduct digital transactions in a safe and secure fashion like the transfer of payments to businesses, especially when conducting business across the globe. Although the technology is still relatively new to business owners, numerous companies have already begun to adopt it. Companies can reap the benefits of adopting blockchain in their business operations and better position for the future.

Bluesky Intel’s platform will support your business journey to change the way your organization uses and leverages blockchain technology, for and into the future. For blockchain experts and or solutions providers, Bluesky Intel will become a conduit for you to provide value to businesses adopting blockchain technology.

Part of our mission is to help business of all sizes and in a range of industries to understand how the blockchain works and how it can impact their business
Blockchain Use Cases

UBS: IBM blockchain based platform offers fast, simple, and secure transactions to streamline international trade

IBM developed a proprietary solution to reduce the challenges faced by users conducting international trade. The primary challenge was to improve trade for all sizes of enterprises. The opening of new accounts created payment risks to importers and exporters so there was a clear need for secured payments with reduced complexity.

UBS solved the requirement by using IBM blockchain with the help of a banking consortium to streamline cross-border and international trading and transactions.

VaccineGuard: Guardtime is helping Estonia's healthcare systems to implement the blockchain into their healthcare system.

VaccineGuard is a globally verifiable vaccination certificate platform enabling the effective management of vaccination campaigns and the distribution of vaccines. The main challenge was to protect the privacy of patients while providing real-time insights on vaccination deployments for public health authorities.

Guardtime collaborated with Verizon Enterprise Solutions in order to provide tamper-proof digital certificates to further provide a trusted solution.

Optel: Track & Trace Solution to Comply with Excise Tax on Sugary Drinks

Many countries and regions are imposing an excise tax on manufacturers of sugary beverages. The manufacturer needs to identify each item with a unique digital identification (UDI) code connected to the centralized government database and enter all the required information (mainly information regarding taxes) and label it.

OPTEL’s line equipment sends a request for unique codes to get a defined quantity of serial numbers for the production of a specific product and save it to centralized government database.

B3i: Quick and faster insurance claim processing along with smart contracts

B3i delivers better solutions for end consumers through faster access to insurance with less administrative cost. A major challenge was to adopt a system which not only facilitated the claim management process but also receive verified real-time data directly from insurers.

B3i with the help of Munich RE built a solution that made the claim process journey transparent, faster and smoother.

Viant: A blockchain-based platform which allows the management and tracking of assets

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management facilitates traceability across the entire process. The challenge was to track all types of transactions in a very secure and transparent manner.

Viant developed a platform for Glaxo Smith Kline where each step of the process is recorded on the blockchain for tracking assets by using real time data.

IGSDA: IGSDA enables governments to provide a single window and point of contact for key citizen/public services.

Government departments can interact with each other to fulfill any service request from its citizens by collaborating, sharing data, defining workflows, and providing transparency over networks powered by this application.

Major challenges faced were and are delayed resolution of service requests and increasing tax frauds. Infosys developed a solution, Infosys Government Services Distributed Application that reduces the resolution time and better identifies potential tax frauds.

Blockchain Insights

Invest in the blockchain by exploring use cases specific to your market and competitors.

Blockchain is the biggest innovation in decades for transforming online services.

Explore and learn about blockchain technology with industry leaders & startups.

Blockchain features such as transparency, security and efficiency are positively impacting numerous industries and business verticals.

Learn and understand about the future growth of blockchain.

Build trust and innovate with the blockchain to streamline business processes that align with the growth of your business.

Want to know more about what the blockchain is and how it works?