We are Bluesky Intel (BSI) or Bluesky Intelligence.

Bluesky Intelligence, Intel for short, is a business diversification offering from our parent company Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. (BSDA).

Our parent company Bluesky Digital Assets in the early start-up days began as a small Crypto Mining business that has grown to a successful Enterprise Operation in Canada with a large digital mining presence and ongoing growth and profitability.

BSDA is a publically traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange traded under the symbol BTC. (CSE:BTC) or (CNSX:BTC)

BSDA always had a longer term plan to diversify its business and its footprint in crypto mining has allowed it to leverage its success and engage on additional growth through diversification; Bluesky Intel represents a major step forward in that plan.

Simply stated; Bluesky Intel is a definitive focus on the blockchain.

Our roots and proven success in crypto mining utilize the blockchain and this has demonstrated to us the blockchains’true capability and viability to become the ultimate future of digital transactions.

Bluesky Intel will focus on all things blockchain and contribute to the adoption of this next generation technology and transactional platform for businesses wanting to understand what the blockchain really is, and ultimately what it represents for their respective initiatives in the future.

Please join us here as we promote and support this business journey in a staged approach of learning to adoption of blockchain technology for the real future of business.

Team Bluesky INTEL